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Established in 2005 Suzhou Best Clean Electrical Co., Ltd. is China Automatic Dustbin Manufacturers and Wholesale Automatic Dustbin Factory, awarded with ISO9001: 2018 2015. With an annual production capacity of 1,800,000 units of vacuum cleaners, we have 16,000 square meters of floor space and more than 200 employees. Our products enjoy wide sales in Europe, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a good reputation among our customers for high quality and low failure rate. We have 30 qualified engineers and technicians, and we share our facilities with ECOVACS. This ensures that our products have good quality and competitive prices, which are also different features of other factories of Best Cleaning.

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With a powerful R&D team, we own the power to face challenges and bring our creative ideas to the market.

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Industry Knowledge Development

Application of Automatic Dustbin.
Automatic dustbins, also known as sensor dustbins or touchless dustbins, are devices that use sensors or motion detectors to open and close the lid of a dustbin automatically, without the need for physical contact. Here are some of the potential applications of automatic dustbins:
In households: Automatic dustbins can be used in homes to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, as they eliminate the need for touching the dustbin's lid, which can prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They can also be convenient for people with mobility issues, as they do not require any physical effort to open.In public places: Automatic dustbins can be used in public places such as parks, streets, and airports, where large volumes of waste are generated. They can help keep these areas clean and tidy, without the need for manual intervention.In hospitals and clinics: Automatic dustbins can be used in healthcare settings to reduce the risk of infection transmission. They can be placed in patient rooms, waiting areas, and other areas where waste is generated.In commercial buildings: Automatic dustbins can be used in commercial buildings, such as office complexes, to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in shared spaces. They can be placed in restrooms, lobbies, and other areas where waste is generated.In industrial settings: Automatic dustbins can be used in industrial settings, such as factories and warehouses, where waste is generated in large quantities. They can help reduce the risk of injuries from manual handling of waste.
Overall, automatic dustbins can be useful in any setting where hygiene, cleanliness, and convenience are important.
Advantages of Automatic Dustbin.
Convenience: An automatic dustbin is highly convenient because it opens automatically, making it easy to dispose of trash without having to touch the bin.
Hygiene: An automatic dustbin minimizes the spread of germs and bacteria that can be found on traditional dustbins that require manual contact.
Efficiency: With an automatic dustbin, you can easily dispose of trash without having to bend or lift heavy trash bags, making it a great option for individuals with mobility issues.
Aesthetics: Automatic dustbins often have sleek designs and are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any space. They can add an aesthetic touch to your home or office.
Safety: With automatic dustbins, there is no risk of injury from sharp or dangerous objects in the trash, as the bin lid opens and closes automatically.
Durability: Many automatic dustbins are made of durable materials such as stainless steel, making them long-lasting and able to withstand wear and tear.
Eco-Friendly: Some automatic dustbins have features such as motion sensors that prevent overfilling and help reduce waste, making them an eco-friendly option.