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Mainly lightweight and convenient features, small body with large suction power. More different gear adjustment options, can meet different needs. The machine is easy to clean, low noise, better heat dissipation design so that the body in a long working condition is not hot.
Established in 2005 Suzhou Best Clean Electrical Co., Ltd. is China OEM Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers and Wholesale Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Suppliers and Factory, awarded with ISO9001: 2018 2015. With an annual production capacity of 1,800,000 units of vacuum cleaners, we have 16,000 square meters of floor space and more than 200 employees. Our products enjoy wide sales in Europe, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a good reputation among our customers for high quality and low failure rate. We have 30 qualified engineers and technicians, and we share our facilities with ECOVACS. This ensures that our products have good quality and competitive prices, which are also different features of other factories of Best Cleaning.

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Welcome to the first phase of the 2023 Autumn Canton Fair, and meet you at booths 9~11 in Hall 2.2
Thank you very much for your attention to Suzhou Baite Electric Co., Ltd.! We are happy to meet you at the 2023 Autumn Canton Fair Phase I, Hall 2.2, Booth 9~11. Suzhou Baite Electric Co., Ltd....
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Industry Knowledge Development

What are the primary metrics to consider when comparing cordless vacuum cleaners, and how do they affect the performance of the vacuum?

When comparing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, there are a few key metrics to consider in order to make an informed decision.
First of all, suction power is the main indicator that directly affects the cleaning performance of a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with high suction power can be more effective at picking up dust, dirt, and debris from different surfaces, especially carpets and upholstery.
Another important metric is battery life, which determines how long you can use the vacuum before needing to recharge. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a long battery life that allows for non-stop cleaning, especially when dealing with larger areas.
It’s also crucial to consider charging time. This indicator represents the time it takes for a vacuum battery to be fully charged. Vacuums with shorter charging times are more convenient, allowing you to quickly recharge and get back to your cleaning duties without significant downtime.
The vacuum's ability to pick up dust is also worth considering. This refers to the amount of debris and dirt the vacuum can hold before it needs to be emptied. Choosing a model with a larger dust capacity ensures less frequent emptying, allowing for an uninterrupted cleaning process.
Weight and maneuverability are additional factors to evaluate. The weight of a vacuum affects its portability and ease of use. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are easier to lift and maneuver, which is especially beneficial when cleaning surfaces on the floor or navigating stairs.
The quality of the filtration system is also crucial. The highly efficient filtration system ensures the vacuum effectively captures dust, allergens and fine particles. This is especially important for people with allergies or asthma, as it helps maintain cleaner air, minimizing potential health risks.
Finally, the availability of attachments and attachments should be taken into consideration. Different attachments, such as a crevice tool, dust brush, or power brush roll, can enhance the vacuum's versatility and performance on different surfaces and different cleaning tasks.
Considering these metrics can help evaluate the overall performance and suitability of a cordless vacuum. Higher suction power ensures thorough cleaning, especially for carpets and demanding tasks. Long battery life allows for extended cleaning times, while short charging times minimize downtime. Larger dust collection capacity reduces the need for frequent emptying.
Additionally, the lightweight, maneuverable vacuum provides ease of use and efficient cleaning. A high-quality filtration system promotes cleaner air, which is beneficial for people with allergies or asthma.
Finally, the availability of attachments and accessories expands the vacuum's capabilities, allowing specialized cleaning on different surfaces and challenging areas.

Why Avoiding Deep Discharge Improves Cordless Vacuum Cleaner's Battery Life?

Avoiding deep discharge is crucial to improving the battery life of your cordless vacuum cleaner, especially when dealing with the lithium-ion batteries commonly used in these devices. The reasons are as follows:
Characteristics of lithium-ion batteries: Cordless vacuum cleaners often use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which are sensitive to deep discharge. These batteries are designed to work optimally within a specific voltage range. Anything below or above this range will have a negative impact on battery life and performance.
Battery Degradation: Deeply discharging a lithium-ion battery, when it is drained to a very low level of power, can cause irreversible chemical changes. This can lead to the formation of a solid electrolyte interface (SEI) layer, reducing battery capacity and efficiency. Over time, this degradation can significantly reduce the battery's ability to charge and overall lifespan.
REDUCED CHARGE CYCLES: Lithium-ion batteries have a limited number of charge cycles before their capacity begins to decrease. The charge cycle refers to the process of charging and discharging the battery. Deep discharge counts as a complete charge cycle. By avoiding deep discharge, you preserve the battery's usable charge cycles and extend its overall life.
Optimum Voltage Range: Lithium-ion batteries perform best within a specific voltage range, usually between 20% and 80% of their capacity. Keeping the battery within this range helps maintain its efficiency and longevity. Deep discharge puts the battery below this range, while shallow discharge in the optimal range is less taxing on the battery.
PERFORMANCE & EFFICIENCY: Avoiding deep discharge ensures your vacuum's battery consistently delivers the power and runtime needed for effective cleaning. Batteries that experience deep discharge may perform poorly and may need to be charged more frequently, making cleaning tasks less convenient and efficient.
In summary, avoiding deep discharge is crucial as it prevents the battery from operating under extreme conditions that can lead to chemical changes and degradation. By keeping your battery within the optimal voltage range and avoiding deep discharge, you can increase its overall lifespan and performance, allowing your cordless vacuum to serve you effectively for longer.