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High power and high suction structure design, suitable for a larger area of the use of the scene. Special large-capacity dust collection bucket design, easy to clean up. A variety of accessories can be used with, to meet different cleaning needs, automatic cord design, better storage.
Established in 2005 Suzhou Best Clean Electrical Co., Ltd. is China Wired Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers and Wholesale Wired Vacuum Cleaner Factory, awarded with ISO9001: 2018 2015. With an annual production capacity of 1,800,000 units of vacuum cleaners, we have 16,000 square meters of floor space and more than 200 employees. Our products enjoy wide sales in Europe, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a good reputation among our customers for high quality and low failure rate. We have 30 qualified engineers and technicians, and we share our facilities with ECOVACS. This ensures that our products have good quality and competitive prices, which are also different features of other factories of Best Cleaning.

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With a powerful R&D team, we own the power to face challenges and bring our creative ideas to the market.

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Industry Knowledge Development

What is the technical difference between Wired Vacuum Cleaner and cordless vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners have been a staple in households across the globe, revolutionizing the way we keep our homes clean. As technology advances, our options for vacuum cleaners have expanded, with wired (corded) and cordless variants taking the spotlight. Today, we delve into the inner workings of these innovative cleaning tools to uncover their primary technical distinctions. Join us as we embark on an enlightening journey into the world of vacuum cleaning!
Wired Vacuum Cleaner:
Immersed in Endless Power:
Harnessing electricity from a direct connection to an electrical outlet, wired vacuum cleaners remain steadfast with a continuous and unwavering power supply. This grants them the ability to unleash their full suction potential without restraint.
Suction Supremacy:
Wired vacuums boast superior suction power, reigning supreme over their cordless counterparts. Thanks to their reliable power source, they maintain unparalleled suction strength throughout the entirety of the cleaning process.
A Cleaning Marathon:
With their unwavering connection to an electrical outlet, wired vacuums discard any concerns of runtime limitations. The absence of a ticking timer allows for robust cleaning sessions that stretch without interruption, catering to your cleaning needs.
Abound in Reach:
The cord length of wired vacuums determines their sphere of influence, enabling them to access distant spaces with ease. Although longer cords grant greater reach, they may present minor inconveniences such as tangling and the need to switch outlets.
Streamlined Maintenance:
Embracing a capacious dustbin or bag, corded vacuums require infrequent emptying or bag replacement. Additionally, various models may feature diverse filtration systems, tailored to suit individual cleaning requirements.
Weighty Powerhouses:
Owing to the presence of a power cord and the absence of a built-in battery, wired vacuums may bear a slightly heftier weight. However, this petite tradeoff grants them the substantial capacity to blitz through dirt and grime.
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:
The Power Resides in Hand:
Harnessing the prowess of rechargeable batteries, cordless vacuums emancipate themselves from the tethering grasp of cords and electrical outlets. Independence at its finest!
The Quest for Suction:
Cordless vacuums have experienced remarkable advancements, yet their suction power still typically falls short of their wired companions. As the battery depletes, so does their suction prowess, encountering a gentle decline as cleaning persists.
Embrace the Pursuit of Time:
Cordless vacuums dance to the rhythm of their batteries, for they are governed by limited runtimes dictated by their capacity. Ranging from 20 minutes to an hour or more, these time frames offer a glimpse into their cord-free cleaning capabilities. Fear not, as some premium models offer interchangeable batteries to extend the cleaning fiesta.
The Epitome of Portability:
Unchained from cords, cordless vacuums soar to new heights in portability. No longer bound by cord length or the distance to power outlets, they exude a newfound freedom to roam, ensuring no speck of dust goes unnoticed.
Tending to the Details:
Eagerly embracing smaller dustbins or even discarding bags altogether, cordless vacuums demand more frequent emptying and filter cleaning. Fret not, numerous models feature washable filters, streamlining the maintenance process for your convenience.
Agile and Featherweight:
Delightfully nimble, cordless vacuums glide effortlessly through spaces, unencumbered by cumbersome cords. The integration of a built-in battery greatly reduces their weight, ensuring effortless navigation across various surfaces.
In the quest for clean and pristine homes, the primary technical divergence between wired and cordless vacuum cleaners lies in their power sources. Wired vacuums, drawing power directly from electrical outlets, showcase impeccable suction strength, consistent runtime, and formidable build. On the other hand, cordless vacuums, fueled by rechargeable batteries, offer unparalleled portability, alongside limitations in suction power and runtime. The choice between these two titans ultimately boils down to personal cleaning preferences and requirements. So, embark on your cleaning odyssey armed with newfound knowledge and embrace the vacuum cleaner that best fits your domestic domain!

In what aspects is the powerful suction power of Wired Vacuum Cleaner reflected?

The exceptional suction power of a cord vacuum is evident in every aspect, all of which contribute to its overall cleaning performance and effectiveness. Here are the key areas where corded vacuum cleaner suction shines:
Deep Carpet Cleaning: Corded vacuums excel at getting deep into carpets to effectively remove embedded dirt, dust and debris. The special suction allows them to reach the base of carpet fibers, eliminating more particles and significantly improving the overall cleanliness of your carpet.
STRONG SUCTION STRENGTH: Corded vacuums generate high airflow and possess powerful suction power, allowing them to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks effortlessly. They effectively remove larger debris, fine dust, pet hair and allergens from a variety of surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean.
CONSISTENT SUCTION: The corded vacuum maintains consistent suction levels throughout the cleaning process. As long as you stay plugged in, there will be no performance degradation due to battery drain, ensuring uninterrupted clean power.
Effective Allergen Removal: The powerful suction of a corded vacuum is essential for capturing and retaining allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. Corded vacuums have extra powerful suction that effectively removes these allergens, significantly improving the indoor air quality in your home.
MINIMUM PASSES: Due to its powerful suction, a corded vacuum typically requires fewer passes over an area to achieve a thorough clean. This not only saves time but also reduces the amount of work required for each cleaning session, making it more convenient for the user.
VERSATILE CLEANING: Rope vacuums are designed for versatility and can treat a variety of surfaces, from hard floors to rugs and rugs. With their powerful suction power, they easily adapt to different cleaning tasks and surfaces, ensuring consistent and effective cleaning results.
Upholstery Deep Cleaning: The special suction power of a corded vacuum cleaner also proves beneficial for upholstery cleaning. Whether removing dirt and debris from upholstery, curtains or other fabric surfaces, corded vacuums maintain high cleaning standards.
EXTENDED CLEANING REACH: Corded vacuum cleaners offer the advantage of a long power cord, giving users a wide cleaning radius without having to constantly switch power outlets. This feature is particularly useful when cleaning larger rooms, ensuring convenience and efficiency.
Efficient Pet Hair Removal: Powerful suction is essential to effectively remove pet hair from various surfaces such as carpets, furniture, and floors. Corded vacuums excel in this area, making them a top choice for pet owners who value cleanliness and hygiene.
Enhanced Filtration: The corded vacuum's powerful suction supports an advanced filtration system, including a HEPA filter that captures a high percentage of allergens and fine particles. This feature significantly improves the overall air quality in your home while ensuring a more hygienic and cleaner environment.
To sum up, the superior suction power of a corded vacuum is evident in its ability to deep clean carpets, maintain unwavering suction, minimize cleaning cycles, and handle a variety of cleaning tasks efficiently. It is particularly suitable for homes with different cleaning needs, providing superior cleanliness and excellent indoor air quality.